Treating the cause of a symptom involves evaluating a patient from a holistic perspective (body, mind and spirit). —Dr. Jeffrey Meyer, Acupuncture in Eldorado at Santa Fe

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Jeffrey Meyer is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine specializing in Kototama Inochi  Medicine. His holistic family-care practice focuses on treating you… the entire you, physically and emotionally. Dr. Meyer has been a New Mexico health care provider since 1992 and is credentialed with Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Kototama Inochi  Medicine is a unique, profound, and extremely effective medicine. It combines traditional Japanese acupuncture, pulse diagnosis, manual therapy, and the principles of Kototama Futomani. Masahilo Nakazono was the originator of this style of traditional Japanese medicine and spent many years studying the art of natural medicine, martial arts and the Kototama principle.

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