Patient Testimonials


After suffering a stroke in 2014, I was blessed to meet Dr. Meyer. I received routine acupuncture treatments for high blood pressure and chronic pain. Now my blood pressure has restored to better than normal levels, and the intensity of pain is less. — D.B., Santa Fe, NM


I was suffering from allergies and particularly food sensitivities. Weight loss worsened and Western medicine had taken me as far as I could and I had no success. I called Dr. Meyer because I heard his name in the community. He acknowledged my depression and talked to me about my own immune system. Within 3 ­- 4 treatments, I was able to eat all the foods! I was ecstatic. I had no more lung spasms and coughing with exposure to grasses. I am so grateful to Dr. Meyer for returning me to a more healthy way of living. — T.S., Santa Fe, NM


I have been seeing Dr. Meyer for several years for routine care, various reasons, allergies, stiff joints, etc. I knew he was good. Then I injured myself very severely. I went in limping and really hurting. Dr. Meyer was beyond good to fabulous at taking time to listen to me and really treated me so I have been able to function and heal. I trust him to take care of me in the very best way. I will continue to trust Dr. Meyer as my primary health care provider. — Cynthia L, Santa Fe, NM


I first saw Dr. Meyer to help with my healing after rotator cuff surgery.  Both my surgeon and physical therapist were surprised and pleased at how quickly my shoulder healed – a direct result of my acupuncture treatments.  I highly recommend Dr. Meyer not only for post surgery treatment, but for virtually any physical ailment. — Barbara Z, Santa Fe, NM


As a two time breast cancer survivor and also having experienced several other traumatic events and surgeries in the last five years, I can honestly say that not only my recovery from my second cancer diagnosis but the health that I am experiencing today is, in large measure, due to the skill, expertise and on-going care of Dr. Jeffrey Meyer. I have been so fortunate and truly blessed to have him as one of my primary doctors. — PAR, Santa Fe, NM


Having a national Argentine tango teaching practice can really take a toll on both my body and my energy level. That’s why I always look forward to my trips to New Mexico, not only to instruct my Santa Fe clientele, but also to benefit from Dr. Jeff Meyer’s exceptional bodywork, which consistently improves my stamina and overall performance as a tango dancer. Dr. Meyer is a former dancer and therefore understands the particular stresses and strains that dance places on the physical body. This understanding greatly enhances his ability as a practitioner for the dance community. — Sid Grant, NYC


I use the energetic grooming techniques that I learned from Dr. Meyer on horses, dogs, and even my cat, every time I touch them. It has become a valuable tool for communication, health evaluation, and treatment, and I see immediate changes in the animals’ postures, mood, and energy. I’ve even found the spot that gets my picky cat to eat her food! I have also found that the mustangs I work with respond and relax sooner when I approach our contact with the kind of intention and awareness that Dr. Meyer teaches in his Energetic Grooming seminars. I highly recommend learning these techniques to anyone who works closely with horses or other animals and who recognizes that the value in health and balance is not simply longevity, but also deeper working relationships. — Laura, Horse Trainer, Santa Fe, NM


One of the top horsemen of the 20th Century, Tom Dorrance, wrote a book titled, True Horsemanship Through Feel. It’s not about a benigne touch, but rather the feel that comes through your hands and body and feet, but mainly from your mind. Tom believed no matter what you do it should be done with feel. It’s that feel that gives meaning to Energetic Grooming. It’s that same feel that comes through Dr. Meyer. — Robin Doughman, Santa Fe, NM, Professional Horseman


My horse was a grateful recipient of energetic grooming from Jeff Meyer.  My horse was in a crisis of an undetermined cause. The grooming helped him settle and relax. Jeff also taught me to find energy patterns while I learned the grooming. It has helped my horse and I have learned a new skill with which to interact with my horse in a positive way. — Cynthia L, Santa Fe, NM 

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