Acupuncture for Surgery

acupuncture_moxa-webAcupuncture and Kototama Inochi Medicine can be very beneficial for pre- and post-surgical procedures. Treatments prior to surgery can help calm the patient and strengthen their immune system.

A surgical procedure is often followed by a physical or psychological challenge and a patient can experience a level of post-traumatic stress. Acupuncture treatments can significantly reduce levels of post-operative pain as well as the need for powerful opioids.

I have treated post-surgical patients in a hospital setting for a number of years as well as in my office. By combining acupuncture and Kototama Inochi Medicine with standard post surgical protocols such as physical therapy, I have found that the overall recovery time for patients is decrease dramatically.

Benefits of Acupuncture treatments for pre- and post-surgery:

  • Calm you down
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Decrease post-operative pain and side effects
  • Reduce the need for powerful opioids
  • Help you recover faster
  • Reduce cosmetic and internal scaring

“I first saw Dr. Meyer to help with my healing after rotator cuff surgery.  Both my surgeon and physical therapist were surprised and pleased at how quickly my shoulder healed – a direct result of my acupuncture treatments.  I highly recommend Dr. Meyer not only for post surgery treatment, but for virtually any physical ailment.”

—Barbara Z, Santa Fe, NM

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