Relief from Injuries and Performance Enhancement

sports-performanceWhether professional or amateur athlete, weekend warrior or just out for a hike, we all experience minor injuries and muscular aches and pains.

Japanese acupuncture and Kototama Inochi Medicine can contribute significantly to recovery as well as enhance performance.

“I first saw Dr. Meyer to help with my healing after rotator cuff surgery.  Both my surgeon and physical therapist were surprised and pleased at how quickly my shoulder healed – a direct result of my acupuncture treatments.  I highly recommend Dr. Meyer not only for post surgery treatment, but for virtually any physical ailment.”

—Barbara Z, Santa Fe, NM

  • Recent injury
  • Traumatic inflammation
  • Minor muscular tears
  • Established scarring
  • Muscle and tendon pain
  • Training
  • Muscle and tendon aches and pain
  • Self-perpetuating inflammation
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